Storage of whiskey barrels - The right conditions for home


Proper storage of whisky casks at home

How to properly store a whiskey barrel at home?

The right conditions for whisky storage

Basically, whisky casks should be stored at mild temperatures and a relative humidity of 75-85%rel. In addition, the whisky cask should be protected from direct sunlight and ventilation of the storage room also has a positive effect.

The right climate

If the room is too dry, so-called dry damage can occur on the barrel. This causes cracks to form, which can also lead to massive leaks. This considerably reduces the value of the barrel as a container.

The Angel's Share increases significantly when the air in the room is too dry, so that more is lost into the environment. Another effect is that more water is lost than alcohol, which increases the %vol. in the barrel and the alcohol volume can exceed the alcohol strength when the barrel is filled.

What are the most important factors when storing barrels at home?

The temperature should desirably be between 10 and 18 °C. Of course, a cask can withstand colder temperatures and the whisky will not freeze, but the whisky would not mature well at colder temperatures. The cask can also withstand hotter temperatures, in which case the Angel's Share would be significantly higher. Rapid and large temperature fluctuations should also be avoided, this causes tension in the wood and can lead to damage and thus leaks.
Excessive ageing can also produce undesirable aromas.

Direct sunlight also causes tension in the wood. This should also be avoided to prevent damage.

Ventilation when storing whisky

Regular aeration ensures the supply of oxygen. Oxygen is very important, because without oxygen there is no oxidation and thus no maturation of the whisky. In addition, alcohol is exported from the air in the room. Due to evaporation, the concentration of alcohol in the air is very high and also very noticeable in the nose. Ventilation at night or at cooler temperatures is generally more advantageous here.

St. Kilian guarantees optimal storage of your barrel

Through our Private Cask programme, you can purchase your own whisky cask. The 30l whisky casks are all stored with us in our cask warehouses on site at the distillery. Here we have created an optimal storage for the whisky casks with various sensors. All of the above factors are essential for perfect storage and thus for optimal whisky maturation.

Are you interested in a Own whisky barrel or want more information?

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