Liqueurs from St. Kilian

At the heart of our liqueurs are our award-winning New Makes and Single Malts.
Choose between fruity-fresh, creamy-sweet and spicy variants.

Our whisky liqueur


is our LIKÖR made from genuine single malt whisky. Be inspired by sweet flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and coconut.


Kolonat - that was the name of the faithful companion of the legendary St. Kilian, who gave his name to our whisky distillery. Like its historical role model, our KOLONAT'S CHOICE LIQUEUR brings a piece of the Irish way of life to us - with genuine St. Kilian single malt whisky.

Liqueurs 1

Our DOG Liqueurs

Berry Dog

Liqueurs 2

Ripe wild berries and fresh strawberries become best friends in our BERRY DOG: Their intense scent evokes memories of sunny summer outings and homemade fruit compote for cosy winter days.

Lime Dog

Liqueurs 3

Fresh limes and lemons make LIME DOG our tangiest liqueur. The scent of fresh lemongrass and its gently sweet note give our lime cream liqueur its unique taste.

Cream Dog

Liqueurs 4

With its sweet aroma of shortbread and Irish fudge, our CREAM DOG takes on any dessert. Its smooth taste of soft caramel and fresh clotted cream make our cream liqueur a sweet delight.

Honey Dog

Liqueurs 5

Our Honey DOG will transport you to the south. How? With its summer herbs and spicy honey. The honey liqueur smells of summer meadows, has a slight sweetness and brings along delicate cereal notes.

Turf Berry Dog

st kilian turf berry dog

Ripe forest fruits meet spicy peat smoke: our Turf Berry DOG is a truly exceptional liqueur creation! Its basis is the Turf DOG, our smoky-fruity New Make.

Amber Dog

Liqueurs 6

Spicy and sweet - the Amber DOG from St. Kilian can do both. The chilli-cinnamon liqueur takes its name from the colour of the amber. It skilfully combines piquant spice with sweet orange notes.