Single malt whisky

Single malt whisky

Made in Germany

Classic & Peated

The two single malt whiskies CLASSIC and PEATED form the core range of St. Kilian Distillers. Both bottlings are composed of mild and smoky (54 ppm) single malts, respectively, 70% of which were allowed to mature in various bourbon casks and 30% in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks (full maturation).

Signature Edition

Each single malt whisky in our Signature Edition bears its own signature of selected casks.
Each batch tastes different - and has an individual character.

Special bottlings

From ex-icebuck barrels to Japanese Mizunara oak: Experimentation has been an integral part of St. Kilian's DNA since its inception. With a newsletter subscription, St. Kilian fans are always the first to enjoy our strictly limited special bottlings.


For our single malt, we bring together the best: Irish-Scottish whisky know-how, Franconian brewing expertise and engineering art made in Germany.

barley malt

We produce our single malt whisky from 100% barley malt, which we source from Germany and the Scottish Highlands.


The Distiller's Beer, also called Wash, is double distilled in our original copper pot stills from Forsyths in Scotland to produce the finest St. Kilian New Make Spirit.

whisky faesser

In over 370 different barrel sizes and wood types from all over the world, our New Make Spirit matures into the best St. Kilian Single Malt Whisky made in Germany.

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