Single Malt Whisky
from Germany

We at St. Kilian make award-winning single malt whisky in the Scottish tradition.
Made in Germany and inspired by whisky cultures from all over the world.

Multiple awards:



For our "Bud Spencer - The Legend" we have combined noble Bourbon barrels from the USA with Italian Amarone red wine barrel notes

Signature Edition Six

A real Frank! From Upper Franconia comes the special barley malt, from Lower Franconia the barrels of the noble Pinot Noir. Now new in the shop.

What makes our German whisky so special?

St. Kilian Distillers is a German single malt whisky distillery based on the Scottish model. Here, pure barley malt meets pot still stills made of copper - and decades of whisky know-how meets German engineering.

We make our whisky from 100% barley malt - from Germany and the Scottish Highlands.

We mature it in over 200 different types of barrels from all over the world - and always fill it with natural colour and not cool-filtered.

St. Kilian means: Burned in Scottish pot stills made of copper. Made by the traditional company Forsyth, loved for especially good single malt.

Our distillery

Two whisky connoisseurs, an idea. A village of 760 souls, Germany's largest whisky distillery.
How St Kilian Distillers became what we are today.

Visit St. Kilian

St. Kilian is a visitor distillery and only 60 minutes by car from Frankfurt am Main. Take a look over our shoulders while we do our craft or book an exclusive warehouse tasting and spend an unforgettable day in beautiful RĂŒdenau

Only on site at our distillery: Come by and secure a bottle of our strictly limited Distillery Only Whisky. Always from a cask - and with a hand-written label.

"It was a fantastic evening. Very interesting guided tour, full of anecdotes of the making. Staff very friendly and competent. Highly recommended."

- AlzenauAllgaeu with Tripadvisor

ST. KILIAN - Virtual tour through our whisky distillery

Whisky culture up close

Some things stay in your head. The moment when you enter our fragrant barrel store for the first time or see our stills bubbling in action.

Would you like to experience whisky from St. Kilian in its full range? Hear the stories behind the whiskies? Taste exciting cask bottlings? Secure a place for yourself at our in-house tastings.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between German and Scotch whisky?

The continental climate in Germany favours the cask maturing of the whisky - so our young single malt whiskies taste very mature and complex for their age.

What barrels does St. Kilian use?

We use in more than 200 different types of barrels from all over the world - we always make sure to put the highest quality and most active barrels in our warehouse.

Since when is whisky produced in Germany?

Whisky production in Germany began on a larger scale at the end of the 90s. In many German distilleries the production process is still based on the fruit still, we use copper stills from Forsyths.

Where can I buy whisky from St. Kilian?

We distribute our whisky through our own online shop and through our network of dealers. You can also find us at many trade fairs and can buy our whisky in our local distillery shop.

Private Cask

Your own whiskey cask? We're making that dream come true. Your very own private whisky
- matured in the cask of your choice, bottled in our unique pot still bottles.

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