Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

Whisky, Gin und Liköre

Bud Spencer - The Legend

He's got "oomph" and delivers justice. He won us over with his impressive presence on screen. He has charm and wit, and prefers a good whiskey. Like this, he lasts forever and becomes virtually immortal. He is a true hero, a legend: Bud Spencer - The Legend!

Terence Hill - The Hero

He thrilled us with his mischievous charm. With his films he became a celebrated superstar, a real hero. After work, a good whiskey is his drink in the saloon. Cheers to Terence Hill - The Hero, our hero!

Special bottlings

From ex-icebuck barrels to Japanese Mizunara oak: Experimentation has been an integral part of St. Kilian's DNA since its inception. With a newsletter subscription, St. Kilian fans are always the first to enjoy our strictly limited special bottlings.

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