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Scottish Malt Delivery

Where does the smoky barley malt from St. Kilian come from?

The basis for our single malt made in Germany is the use of 100 per cent malted barley. For our mild spir its, we obtain this from the Bamberg malting plant Weyermann. For the smoky spir its, however, we rely on the decades of experience of the Scots and get the smoked malt several times a year directly from Glenesk Maltings in the Highlands. Glenesk was founded in 1897 as the "Highland Esk" distillery and had many name changes throughout its history - until its closure in 1985. In 1968, the distillery expanded to include Glenesk Maltings, which still supplies malt to various distilleries in Scotland.

How does the smoke aroma get into the barley malt?

In the course of malt production, after steeping and germination, the grain is dried by applying heat, thus stopping the germination process. This process, known as kilning , not only makes the malt storable, but also ensures the typical malty aroma. For the production of our smoky malt, the air used for drying is heated by means of a peat fire . The smoke produced by the peat fire enriches the malted grain with phenol, which is ultimately responsible for the smoky flavour in the whisky. The phenol level is measured in millionths, which is why the peat content in the malt is also referred to as "parts per million" or ppm.

What makes our smoky barley malt so special?

St. Kilian is one of the few distilleries that receive peated malt from Scotland on a large scale. Our delivery of the last few days has another special feature: It is 24 tonnes of heavily peated malted barley. This delivery marks the beginning of the smoky season at St. Kilian.

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