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Bud Spencer – The Legend – Distilled Dry Gin

Tauchen Sie mit dem BUD SPENCER DISTILLED DRY GIN ein in die aromatische Welt Italiens. Hergestellt aus Wacholderbeeren aus der Toskana und fruchtigen Amarone-Trauben aus dem Valpolicella, überzeugt diese einzigartige Gin-Kreation mit erfrischenden Zitrusnoten sowie mit Nuancen von mediterranen Kräutern. Ein Hauch von Whiskymalz rundet das vielschichtige Geschmacksprofil ab.


Die duftenden Wacholderbeeren verschmelzen mit einer erfrischenden Zitrusnote, die von subtilen Aromen von Trauben und einem Hauch von Toffee begleitet sowie durch die fein-würzige Präsenz von frischem Rosmarin abgerundet werden.

Vollmundig mit aromatischem Wacholder und natürlichen Zitrusnoten, begleitet von einer dezenten Süße von Trauben sowie zartem Toffee, die harmonisch in ein feines Kräuterbouquet eingebunden sind.

Die cremig-wärmende Melange aus charaktervollen Wacholderaromen, Traubenfrucht und einem Hauch von dunklem Toffee klingt lange mit einer delikaten Prise Kräuter sowie erfrischenden Zitrustönen nach.

Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (mild)

In his films, our hero Bud Spencer fights for law and justice around the world. Fearless and unconventional, he puts all scoundrels and criminals to sleep. He then likes to drink a whiskey or two. Master Distillers Mario Rudolf and David F. Hynes developed a blended whiskey with ex Amarone cask notes in the proven Bud Spencer style and in St. Kilian quality, married with triple-distilled Irish whiskey matured in ex American bourbon casks from the stocks of the Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk.
Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (Mild)

Bright gold

Creamy vanilla, sweet honey and creamy toffee with a fruit bouquet of ripe peaches, red cherries and raspberries. Plus a touch of floral notes with fine oak spice and a pinch of white pepper.

Intense and warming with spicy oak aromas and toffee followed by creamy fruit jam of peaches and cherries. To this mild sweetness add soft notes of honey, sweet grapes and a touch of tannins.

Medium length with a creamy spicy melange of red fruit spread, honey and fine brittle, rounded off with some dry oak.

Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (smoky)

Our Bud Spencer - Single Malt Whisky goes into the second round. For all tough guys and even tougher girls there is now the Bud Spencer Whisky smoky. The popular composition of Italian Amarone red wine barrels and bourbon barrels from the USA is here again program. Our barley malt comes this time from the Scottish Highlands and is quite in the spirit of Bud Spencer strongly peated.
Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (Smoky)

Light copper

Spicy and smoky aromas followed by fruity wine aromas

At the onset, a distinct sweetness that goes hand in hand with the dominant smoky aromas, light caramel notes followed by spiciness and a pleasant dryness.

Full-bodied, spicy smoky, long lasting

Bud Spencer - The Legend - Firewater

The Bud Spencer - The Legend - Firewater made from high quality fine spirit and refined with natural cinnamon and chili notes.
Bud Spencer - The Legend - Firewater - Chili Cinnamon Liqueur

Crimson color

Distinct cinnamon note with fine vanilla sugar and pleasant sweetness

Vanilla sugar and cinnamon with fine chili spice and a touch of cardamom

Sweet and cinnamony with nicely integrated chili heat

Bud Spencer - The Legend - Banana Joe

The creamy sweet banana cream liqueur Bud Spencer - The Legend - Banana Joe with natural banana flavors and finest cream.
Bud Spencer - Banana Joe liqueur - front side

Creamy, light yellow

Creamy toffee meets sun-ripened banana, accompanied by a delicate squeeze of lime and a hint of pineapple in the background.

Elegant and full-bodied with the sweetness of ripe bananas, backed by creamy toffee and creamy bourbon vanilla.

Creamy sweet notes of toffee and banana resonate with creamy vanilla and a squeeze of lime pleasantly long.

Bud Spencer - Mini Box, 3x 0.05l



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Wooden box Bud Spencer - Whisky (mild), 0.7l

Not smoky


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Wooden box Bud Spencer - Whisky (smoky), 0.7l



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Natural colour & not chill-filtered

whisky faesser

Double distilled in our original Scottish pot stills


Matured for 3 years in fine ex-amarone and ex-bourbon casks.

barley malt

100% pure barley malt

Bud Spencer

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