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Your whisky barrel

Your Private Cask in 6 steps

From the construction of the barrel to the label - We have thought of everything.
This is the path of your Private Casks:

Buy your own whisky cask

Your personal St. Kilian whisky - that is a 30-liter barrel specially made by our cooper from the wood, pre-filling and recipe of your choice. Whether mild or smoky, sweet-vanilla or fruity-spicy - you decide how your whisky should taste.

In the small oak casks, the spirit matures into an aromatic whiskey with depth and complexity after just three years - and is ready for bottling in our iconic pot still bottle (0.5 liter). One cask yields up to 50 bottles of your whisky - individually labeled by hand, of course.

Whether as a special gift for friends or colleagues, for extraordinary occasions or simply for yourself: We make it possible for you to have your own Private Cask!

Construction barrel

1. construction of your private cask

Every year we produce a limited number of customer casks. We have the small private casks rebuilt at great expense by a cooper from well-deserved large casks in which, for example, bourbon or sherry was previously stored.

Selection barrel

2. selection of your barrel

What do you want your whiskey to taste like? Depending on this, you select an available cask type in which your single malt should mature. You can choose between Virgin Oak Casks (American white oak or European oak), Bourbon and Sherry Casks.

Filling barrel

3. filling your barrel

We fill your cask with 30 litres of our smoky or mild distillate, straight from our Scottish copper stills - with an ideal 63.5% alcohol by volume for the perfect maturation of the whisky.

4. three years maturing time

In our cask store, your private cask matures into genuine single malt whisky in three years. Part of the spirit evaporates in the process - the so-called "Angels' Share". By the way: Once a year, you can visit your cask in our distillery during this time and taste a sample.


Bottling and labelling

Finally, the time has come: Your whiskey is bottled - at cask strength and with an individual label. A Private Cask yields up to 50 bottles of 0.5 liters each - depending on the exact filling quantity and evaporation during maturation.


6. your Private Cask is ready

Bottled and labelled, your own whisky is ready - for personal collection or dispatch.

This is included in the Private Cask package

The price of a Private Cask depends on the cask type, recipe and exact fill quantity and ranges from 2,400 to 3,200 euros. This is what is included in the Private Cask package:

  • Barrel
  • Distillate (mild or smoky recipe)
  • Storage in our warehouse
  • Barrel label with individual dedication
  • Bottling at cask strength (up to 50 bottles of 0.5 litres)
  • High quality labelling
  • All applicable taxes (VAT and alcohol tax)
  • Barrel insurance

By the way: Barrel owners are welcome to visit us and their barrel in Rüdenau.

Frequently asked questions about our whisky casks

What are the cask types and recipes for the Private Cask?

We have a variety of 30 liter barrels in our range. You can choose between fresh oak barrels (virgin oak), bourbon, various sherry, port, red wine, sweet wine, rum, vermouth barrels and many more. However, not all types of wood are always available. Therefore, ask our team in advance about the current stock. We will be happy to help you with your selection.

Will there be any additional costs for the Private Cask?

Not usually. This is because the price of a private cask already includes the cask, the filling, the three-year storage, the individual cask label, the filling into our 0.5 liter pot still glass bottles, their labelling, all applicable taxes and the insurance of the cask. Should you wish to store the cask for longer than three years, you will incur additional costs. After emptying, the cask is yours in any case.

Can I visit my whisky cask?

With pleasure. Once a year, you can visit your barrel at our distillery and taste a sample directly from it. Please let us know in advance so that we can take enough time for your visit.

How does the ripening take place?

The filled 30 liter customer barrels mature in our specially equipped customer barrel warehouse directly in the distillery in Rüdenau.

How is the filling done?

After three years of maturation, the private cask is emptied and filled directly into our iconic 0.5 liter pot still glass bottle without chill filtration or artificial colouring. These bottles are hand-painted with our labels, the front of which you are welcome to customize.

What is the capacity of the whisky barrel?

We have our 30-liter private casks hand-built by a cooper from large barrels that have been pre-aged with sherry, bourbon, port wine, etc., with great effort. Each cask is therefore unique. For this reason, the filling quantity of the individual barrels can vary from 30 liters by a few liters.

How is my whisky barrel stored? Is it insured?

In our customer barrel warehouse in Rüdenau, the barrels are stored horizontally with the closed bunghole facing upwards in specially made steel racks. Insurance for your barrel is already included in the purchase price.

What are the alcohol strength and Angels Share?

The 30-liter private casks are filled with either mild or smoky spirit, which has an alcohol content of 63.5% by volume, and stored in Rüdenau. The average volume loss ("Angels' Share") of the small casks is between 3 and 5 percent per year. Depending on the exact filling quantity and the loss through evaporation during maturation, a private cask produces up to 50 bottles of 0.5 liters each with an alcohol content of between 50 and 60 percent by volume in the vast majority of cases.

Can I store my whisky barrel at home?

That is of course also possible. Contact us and we will clarify the necessary formalities with you.

Arrange a visit

Are you interested in a Private Cask and would like to learn more? Then make an appointment with us right away. On site at the distillery or online, we will advise you personally on your whisky.

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