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Here you can find out how we accompany you to the barrel owner in only 6 steps.
Secure your own piece of German whisky history!

Buy your own whisky cask

Your personal St. Kilian Whisky - this is a 30-litre cask specially made by our cooper from the wood, the prefilling and the recipe of your choice. Whether mild or smoky, sweet-vanilla or fruity-spicy - you decide how your whisky should taste.

In the small oak casks the whisky develops a full-bodied aroma after only three years of maturing - and is ready for bottling in our pot still bottle (0.5 litre). One cask yields up to 50 bottles of your whisky - individually labelled by hand, of course.

Whether as a special gift for friends or colleagues, for extraordinary occasions or simply for yourself: We make it possible for you to have your own Private Cask.

Your Private Cask in 6 steps

From the construction of the barrel to the label - we have thought of everything.
This is the path of your Private Cask:

Build your Private Cask

1. building your Private Cask

Every year we produce a limited number of customer drums. The small Private Casks are rebuilt at great expense by a cooper from well-deserved large barrels in which bourbon or sherry, for example, were previously stored.

Private Cask 1

2. selection of your barrel

How do you want your whisky to taste? Depending on this, you select an available cask type in which your single malt should mature. You can choose between Virgin Oak Casks (American white oak or European oak), Bourbon Casks and Sherry Casks.

Private Cask 2

3. filling your barrel

In your cask we fill 30 litres of our smoky or mild distillate, directly from our Scottish copper stills - with an ideal 63.5 percent alcohol content by volume for the perfect maturation of the whisky.

Private Cask 3

4. three years maturation period

In our cask storage your Private Cask matures in three years to real single malt whisky. A part of the spirit evaporates in the process - the so-called "Angels' Share". By the way: once a year you can visit your cask during this time in our distillery.

Private Cask 4

5. bottling and labelling

Finally it's time: Your whisky comes in the bottle - in cask strength and with an individual label. A Private Cask results in up to 50 bottles - depending on the exact filling quantity and evaporation during the maturing process.

Private Cask 5

6. your Private Cask is ready

Bottled and labelled, your own whisky is ready - for personal collection or shipping.


The price of a Private Cask depends on the type of barrel, recipe and exact filling quantity and ranges between 2,000 and 2,600 euros.
This is included in the Private Cask package:

  • Barrel
  • distillate (mild or smoky recipe)
  • Storage in our warehouse
  • Drum label with individual dedication
  • Bottle filling in barrel strength (up to 50 bottles of 0.5 litres each)
  • High quality labelling
  • All applicable taxes (VAT and alcohol tax)
  • Insurance of the barrel

By the way: barrel owners are welcome to visit us and their
barrel in Rüdenau

Frequently asked questions

What types of casks and recipes are available for Private Cask?

We offer every type of barrel with our mild or peaty recipe. Our peat malt is produced in the Highlands of Scotland and is transported to Germany with a corresponding additional expenditure, therefore the price for the peaty recipe is somewhat higher.

Do I have to pay taxes for Private Cask?

Not with us - after receipt of the signed order we will send you the invoice. The price includes all applicable taxes (VAT and AlkSt.) After receipt of payment the barrel certificate will be created and sent to you by post.

May I visit my whisky cask?

Of course, you may visit your barrel during the storage period at appropriate intervals and taste a sample. Please make an appointment in advance.

How does the maturing process take place?

The maturation of the distillate in our individual 30-litre private casks is significantly faster (approx. factor 3x) than in standard barrels (e.g. 190 litres). This is due to a more favourable surface to volume ratio, which is exponentially larger than in large casks.

How is the filling process carried out?

After the individual storage time we fill your Private Cask unfiltered and in barrel strength in bottles (0.5 l - up to 50 pieces (depending on storage time and filling quantity). Filling and labelling is also included in the price. A refilling and renewed storage of your cask is possible on request.

What is the capacity of the whisky cask?

The Private Casks of St. Kilian are rebuilt at great expense from large barrels in the cooperage and are not calibrated. For this reason, each barrel has a different filling quantity (approx. 30 litres +/- 10%) and the prices of the individual barrels vary accordingly.

How is my whisky cask stored? Is it insured?

Your barrel is stored in our customer barrel warehouse in Rüdenau. The 3-year storage including insurance is included in the purchase price. Longer storage periods are possible on request and for an additional charge.

What are the alcohol strength and Angels Share?

We fill the customer barrels with our distillate with approx. 63.5% vol. alcohol. Various criteria, e.g. the type of barrel or the climate, influence the evaporation during storage. During storage, the alcohol content of the whisky slowly decreases. The evaporated alcohol is called Angels ́ Share. This amounts to a few percent per year, but cannot be exactly determined in advance due to the individuality of a cask. The alcohol strength also decreases during storage by a few percent to i.e. just under 60 vol %.

Can I store my whisky cask at home?

You have a nice bar, a wine cellar or a suitable storage room at home and would like to place your barrel there and let it mature? We would be happy to make this possible. We provide your barrel with a wooden stand and tap and grant you a storage discount on the price when you purchase it.

Arrange a visit

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On site at the distillery or online we will advise you personally about your whisky.

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