Heavy Metal Edition

Heavy Metal Edition

Single Malt Whisky & Liqueurs

Judas Priest - Single Malt Whisky

Judas Priest from Birmingham are considered one of the biggest and most influential bands in heavy metal. With numerous albums and hits such as "Breaking The Law", "Living After Midnight" or "Painkiller", they have left their unmistakable mark on the metal music scene for over 50 years. Reason enough for St. Kilian Distillers to dedicate another Heavy Metal Edition with exceptional bottlings to the legendary band.

Grave Digger

For more than 40 years Grave Digger has been one of the most authoritative and influential bands in the German metal scene. Their legendary Scotland trilogy "Tunes of War", "The Clans will Rise again" and "Fields of Blood" is a tribute to Scottish history. Reason enough for St. Kilian Distillers to pay tribute to the band Grave Digger, founded in 1980, with their first two heavy metal editions.

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