Amarone barrels from Italy

A visit to the Cantina Lenotti

St. Kilian visits the Cantina Lenotti

Where do the ex-amarone barrels from St. Kilian actually come from?

At the beginning of week 29, we were able to spend two instructive and of course also pleasantly enjoyable days with our friends at the Lenotti Winery in Bardolino on Lake Garda. Claudio Lenotti is our long-standing, permanent partner. The partnership has long since developed into a close friendship. Every barrel of Amarone that is emptied here is at our disposal. The results of the maturation are simply impressive. The Lenotti winery is located in the beautiful town of Bardolino, directly on Lake Garda.

Amarone and the Valpolicella region

In addition, due to our steadily growing barrel needs, we have started a second partnership with the equally renowned winery Tenuta St. Antonio. This winery is picturesquely located on a ridge in Valpolicella. Far off the beaten track and difficult to reach, as we found out. But both the view and the high quality of the wines make it worthwhile!

Amarone wine is grown exclusively in the Valpolicella region. It is a protected designation of origin. Valpolicella consists of 10 valleys in which the position of the vines, going from west to east, is reflected in the spiciness of the wines. The soils become more barren and calcareous towards the east, further away from Lake Garda. In addition, each winery has its own barrel philosophy. All in all, the barrels are used for roughly 7 years before we receive them.

The Amarone of the Lenottti winery is grown in the western part. Tenuta, on the other hand, grows further east. A varied mixture, then.

What is special about Amarone wine?

Amarone red wine is considered the king of Italian wines. The special feature lies in the gentle drying of the grapes. After the very late grape harvest, the harvest is gently dried in a cool drying house for about 2 to 3 months. This causes it to lose water, which enhances aromas and concentrates the sugar content. The result is a complex, full-bodied red wine with a high alcohol content of up to 16% vol.

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