Press release: Signature Edition TEN

Signature Edition Ten

TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY starts with special bottlings

St. Kilian Distillers presents three new bottlings under the motto "THE EARLY DAYS".

To mark the 10th anniversary of its founding, Germany's largest whisky distillery is releasing the new "Signature Edition TEN" as well as the limited special bottlings "The Early Days - Mackmyra x St. Kilian" and "Ambassador's Choice No. 4".

Rüdenau, March 2022
10 years ago, the idea was born to establish Germany's largest whisky distillery in the beautiful Odenwald near Miltenberg on the Main. Owner Andreas Thümmler and David F. Hynes, the Irish whisky legend from Dublin, put this plan into action in 2012 together with Master Distiller Mario Rudolf. After four years of construction, the first Spirit of St. Kilian flowed from the copper stills on St. Patrick's Day 2016 and has filled numerous barrels ever since.

In keeping with the 10th anniversary of the founding of St. Kilian Distillers, the 10th edition of the popular Signature Edition series, the "Signature Edition TEN", celebrated its premiere at the big online whisky tasting on 19 March 2022. This mild variant focuses on the barley malt, which as one of three permitted ingredients has a significant influence on the flavour of the whisky. Mario Rudolf has created a mild single malt whisky here, which was made from a total of five different types of malt - Pilsner and Munich malt, Caramünch®, Caraaroma® and melanoidin malt - and was allowed to mature in ex-bourbon as well as ex-rum casks of different sizes. "People very often talk about the great influence of the cask on the quality or character of the whisky. But far too little attention is paid to the influence of the raw materials - especially the malt - especially from the brewer's point of view. That's why this time we have focused on the special aroma of the special malts used, which we have at our disposal at St. Kilian," explains the master distiller. A total of 10,000 bottles of the "Signature Edition TEN" will be bottled with an alcohol content of 49.5 percent by volume.

Signature Edition Ten Label
Label Signature Edition TEN

THE EARLY DAYS - St. Kilian Meets Mackmyra

Another highlight of the special editions is the strictly limited "The Early Days - Mackmyra x St. Kilian" bottling. In August 2015, before the official start of production at the St. Kilian plant, a double-distilled and unpeated single malt spirit (New Make) from the Swedish Mackmyra distillery was distilled a second time on the St. Kilian Spirit Still as a first test run. The resulting triple-distilled New Make was then allowed to mature in two 190-litre Old Forrester casks and three 50-litre Bourbon Quarter Casks from Garrison Brothers. This trial run came about thanks to an excellent collaboration with Mackmyra. The two distilleries are not only closely linked through the friendship of St. Kilian founder Andreas Thümmler with the Swedish distillery team, but also through the training of master distiller Mario Rudolf at Mackmyra. "Since my first visit to Gävle at Mackmyra in August 2011, I have had an enduring friendship with the team in Sweden. In many ways, this experience has strengthened my desire to start my own whisky distillery made in Germany. The special bottling pays tribute to these 'early days'," Andreas Thümmler is pleased to say. A total of 760 bottles of this six-year-old single malt "Mackmyra x St. Kilian" with an alcohol content of 41.4 percent by volume were bottled.

Ambassador's Choice No. 4

The third new release is also the fourth edition of the St. Kilian Ambassador's Choice series. Together with Mario Rudolf, Honorary Brand Ambassador Dr Heinz Weinberger has married four different ex-rum casks from the Caribbean to create a mild single malt bottling. "Ever since the idea was conceived, my goal was to create an Ambassador's Choice bottling from ex-rum casks. Due to Mario's enormous experience, a flavour profile was quickly defined, which was then perfected through a mixture of science and artistic intuition," says chemist Dr Heinz Weinberger. A total of 800 bottles of this "Ambassador's Choice No. 4" edition were bottled with an alcohol content of a powerful 60.6 percent by volume.

Premiere at the St. Kilian Online Whisky Tasting on March 19, 2022

Founder Andreas Thümmler and Master Distiller Mario Rudolf, together with Brand Ambassador Dr. Heinz Weinberger, presented the three new single malt whiskies live from the Stillhouse of the St. Kilian Distillery on Saturday, 19 March at 7:00 pm as part of the large online whisky tasting. The online tasting sets with a total of six whisky and cask samples as well as a whisky liqueur were sent to the participants in advance so that they could enjoy the established format from the comfort of their own homes.

Successful sales launch

As is always the case with St. Kilian Distillers, all three single malt whiskies are neither coloured nor chill-filtered and are bottled in the iconic 0.5-litre bottle with a still shape. The retail price for consumers is €44.90 for the "Signature Edition TEN", €69.90 for the "Ambassador's Choice No. 4" and €99.90 for the "The Early Days - Mackmyra X St. Kilian" bottling. During the live event from the Stillhouse of St. Kilian Distillers, the two special editions "The Early Days - Mackmyra x St. Kilian" and "Ambassador's Choice No. 4" were already completely sold out a few minutes after their release in the online shop. The "Signature Edition TEN" is expected to be available in specialist shops from 11 April 2022.

Tasting Notes: Signature Edition TEN


Tropical fruit notes, pineapple and peach, garnished with sweet vanilla cream and a hint of coconut shavings, accompanied by crisp barley malt as well as subtly spicy oak in the background.

Seductively sweet and creamy with bourbon vanilla, block malt as well as tropical fruit jam, in elegant combination with dark toffee and a pleasantly warming oak spice.

Creamy caramel and milk chocolate linger pleasantly with a subtle dry oak spiciness and a hint of dark bread crust.

Alcohol content:
49.5 % vol.

€ 44.90

Tasting Notes: The Early Days - Mackmyra X St. Kilian


Light straw

A sweet and fruity bouquet of creamy vanilla, creamy toffee and fresh apricots, accompanied by spicy oak shavings with a dash of herbal lemonade.

A wonderful sweetness of bourbon vanilla with toffee, accompanied by herbal lemonade and some apricot jam, wrapped in fresh, warming spicy oak notes and garnished with a squeeze of lime.

Medium-long and creamy as well as subtly warming with herbal lemonade, dry oak notes and a hint of candied ginger.

Alcohol content
41.4 % vol

€ 99.90

Tasting Notes: Ambassador's Choice No. 4

Ambassadors Choice Heinz Weinberger

Light gold

Strong rum aromas with a beguiling scent of tropical fruits, pineapple, peach and plantain, interplaying with sweet molasses and vanilla cream as well as a subtle tobacco note in the background.

Seductively sweet and tropically fruity with vanilla, pineapple, pear and baked bananas, at the same time strong and warming with spicy oak, a pinch of white pepper and a hint of tobacco towards the finish.

Creamy-sweet fruit jam lingers pleasantly long with dark chocolate, warming oak notes and a pinch of tobacco.

Alcohol content
60.6 % vol

€ 69.90


Mackmyra is the innovative pioneering company that started the story of Swedish whisky. Mackmyra whisky is distilled from Swedish ingredients without any additives and in a climate-neutral way. Mackmyra's single malts have won many awards. They offer unparalleled whisky enjoyment, and customers can create their own personal whisky in a 30-litre cask. Since 2017, Mackmyra has also been producing organic gin.

About St. Kilian Distillers GmbH

In recent years, St. Kilian Distillers from the Lower Franconian town of Rüdenau near Miltenberg am Main has regularly demonstrated that premium whiskey does not necessarily only have to come from Scotland, Ireland or Japan. In the meantime, numerous gold medals have been awarded to Germany's largest whisky distillery at the most prestigious whisky competitions around the globe. In addition, awards such as "Distillery of the Year" and "Whisky of the Year" testify to the top international level at which the distillery, which was only founded in 2012 by the investment banker Andreas Thümmler and is therefore still young, is now operating with its whiskies. St. Kilian Distillers supports the responsible use of alcohol, about which you can read more at for more information. For more information on the company and portfolio, visit

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