Barrel no. 6000

Barrel 6000 with Mario


From the famous Ximénez-Spínola winery in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, we have received a very special delivery in the last few days: Our 6000th barrel!

What makes this EX Sherry so special?

Our Master Distiller Mario Rudolf and his team were allowed to get a picture of the special winery on site and gain deeper insights into the production and barrel selection of the internationally renowned wine.

Decisive for the extraordinary quality are the special soil, the special climate and the oak barrels in which the sherry matures. Only the noblest of all sherry grape varieties - the Pedro Ximénez - is considered for cultivation and is processed there ecologically and completely traditionally. The grape is overripe on the vine and then dried (rosinated) on the albaritza. This gives the sherry from Ximénez-Spínola a very high sugar content and impresses with its oily , intense and very complex character.

Importance for our whisky

These characters of the sherry wine are released due to the storage in the oak barrels. Thus, our whiskey stored in them gets a very pleasant sweetness with a certain spiciness. This fine sweetness is supported by the taste of fruity dried fruit. The barrel is made of American white oak, which gives the whiskey a caramel finish with fine vanilla aromas.

Ex Sherry - Special bottling

With our "Distillery Only" - ex Sherry we already have a great special bottling from an ex-Sherry cask with a mild recipe. This Oloroso Butt is very limited and reinforces its fruitiness with sunny, delicious and seductive notes.


Your own whiskey barrel

You can also own such or other great and unique casks yourself and accompany the maturation of your own whisky. A partner cooperage rebuilds large casks exclusively for us to 30-litre barrels, so that they are always individual and unique. The advantage of small casks is that the maturation process is usually 3.5 times faster, giving your whisky a great and full-bodied maturation. These coveted own casks are only available in a strictly limited number.

Get one of the rare ex sherry casks or another cask type to your taste:

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