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Interesting facts from the St. Kilian distillery

Only German distillery with original Scottish stills

St. Kilian whisky is distilled in original Scottish copper pot stills. The handmade pot stills are the heart of the Rüdenau distillery and give the spirits produced here a special touch. The two copper stills of the traditional Forsyths brand were also used as models for the St. Kilian whisky bottles.

The sight of the warmly shining copper stills makes the eyes of all single malt fans light up. On the one hand, the pot stills simply look aesthetically pleasing, but on the other hand, there are a whole host of reasons that serve more than just the visual appeal.

Why are stills for whisky production made of copper?

The traditional material copper is naturally easy to shape and is a good and efficient heat conductor. From an economic point of view, corrosion also plays a role, because copper is very resistant, although when it wears out, repairs are more expensive than with stainless steel, for example.

However, the St. Kilian Distillers rely on the catalytic effect of copper and are certain that the material of the stills plays a very decisive role in the special quality of the distillates

During the production of alcohol, complex chemical reactions take place, whereby, among other things, unpleasant-smelling sulphur compounds are formed. These are neutralised and removed by the interaction of copper with the distillate. At the same time, the copper helps in the formation of esters, which give the spirit a fruity aroma-rich character. 

Distilling is done in Rüdenau with original Scottish equipment from the still maker Forsyths. Combined with the latest technology, the Rüdenau plant is unique in the world.

Pot still
Spirit Still and Wash Still in Germany's largest distillery

"Reflux-Condenser" for absolutely soft spirits

What is a reflux condenser?

The "reflux condenser" is also a rarity. Built by Forsyths only exceptionally rarely, this is a cooling coil in the Lyne Arm - the pipe at the top of the still. Any vapours that condense before reaching the condenser at the end of the lyne arm flow back into the still and are redistilled. Thanks to the condenser, this reflux can be precisely varied by Master Distiller Mario Rudolf. Practical, because the "reflux" has a decisive influence on the spirits: a strong reflux, for example, ensures a softer New Make - as used for the Spirit of St. Kilian.

The reason for the copper stills at St. Kilian is therefore not only the appearance of the beautiful pot stills, but also the high quality and purity of the distillates, as well as the special character of our spirits.

Pot still
Master Distiller Mario Rudolf
Pot still
Original Forsyths still
Pot still
Copper Wash Still

More interesting facts about copper in the St Kilian Whisky ABC:

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