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The Wash Charger

The Wash Charger

The original function

Anyone who takes part in a guided tour on our premises will notice our large 17,550 l stainless steel tank very quickly after entering the production rooms.

This was originally designed for the storage of the Spent Wash (= stillage). This is the residue left over from the wash still after the first raw firing - a waste product of production.

What is a Wash Charger?

Now we have given the tank a completely new role. It serves us as a wash charger and thus as a buffer tank for the wash (= the beer) between washback (= open fermentation vat) and wash still (= first still).

After the main fermentation is complete, we transfer the wash to the wash charger if necessary. Here, the residual fermentation takes place and the washback is freed up earlier. This allows us to mash and refill in the freed washback, as we do not have to wait until the final fermentation and raw distillation to mash again.

The Wash Charger thus functions as a kind of 5th washback. We can buffer 1.5 washes in it to be able to mash in again more quickly.

The continuous further development

With the same technical set-up and the same staff, one to three more brews are possible per week, depending on the shift operation, without much additional effort - a great result.

From the beginning - since 2016 - the steady increase of our production volume has been firmly planned, and this now helps additionally. We have laid a stainless steel line from the washbacks to the wash charger and installed some new pneumatic valves.
All pipes and tanks are integrated into the cleaning circuit. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us and form the basis for maximum quality and excellent productivity.

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