L - like air-alcohol measurement

Whisky ABC - L as in air-alcohol measurement

What is a gas meter?

A gas detector is an essential tool for warning of dangerous gas concentrations in the air. It offers a cost-effective solution for individual protection against flammable or toxic gases. A small device with a very big impact.

What does the X-am 5000 device do?

The X-am 5000 is a warning device for up to five gases that has been specially developed for personal gas monitoring. It reliably measures combustible gases and vapors as well as oxygen and harmful concentrations of toxic gases or organic vapors. The X-am 5000 is easy to use and offers a fast response time to quickly detect potential hazards. An alarm is indicated visually, acoustically and by vibration in the specified rhythm.

What does the device look like?

The X-am 5000 is a small, robust device in cell phone format. It has a large display on which all values are easy to read. It also offers water and dust protection. The mobile device has a practical crocodile clip for attaching to the employee's trouser belt.

Where is the gas detector used?

At St. Kilian, we mainly use the device when entering our warehouses. As it is compact and lightweight, it is ideal for mobile use in our Bunker City. The X-am 5000 effectively supports us in monitoring ethanol in the air and alerts us if the permitted limit values in the air are exceeded.

Where does the ethanol in the air come from?

During the storage of spirit or whisky in wooden barrels, water, ethanol and aromatic substances pass through the microscopically small pores of the wood and through the tiny spaces between the individual staves from the inside of the barrel through evaporation to the outside of the barrels in the warehouse.

How does the gas detector measure?

The X-am 5000 is equipped with powerful electrochemical sensors that not only respond quickly to flammable gases and vapors, but are also resistant to poisoning, thus ensuring a long service life.

Does St. Kilian also have other measuring devices for ethanol?

In any case. In addition to the portable X-am 5000 gas measuring device, we have of course also installed fixed measuring sensors in the production facilities in Rüdenau. For example, in our customer barrel warehouse. These sensors also measure the ethanol content in the air. If the limit value is exceeded, an acoustic alarm is triggered and a fan starts up to reduce the ethanol concentration in the air.

Why is a high ethanol content in the air dangerous?

Like many other alcohols, ethanol is highly flammable and combustible. If the concentration of ethanol in the air exceeds the limit value, a spark caused by a fire, flash or even a cell phone can be enough to trigger a gas explosion. This poses an enormous risk to life and limb, but also to the distillery's warehouse and the whisky casks inside. These rooms must therefore be explosion-proof.

What does explosion protection mean?

The creation of an Ex atmosphere or the use of Ex-protected devices means that all electrical devices and other potential ignition sources are specially designed and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This guarantees that they do not generate sparks that could lead to the ignition of flammable materials.

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