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What is a gas meter?

A gas detector is an important measuring instrument that warns of dangerous gas concentrations in the air. It is a cost-effective solution for individual protection against flammable or toxic gases. A small device with a very big effect.

Which gas meter does St. Kilian use?

We use the Gasman gas measuring device. This is a portable single gas detector that measures the oxygen content in the air. If the carbon dioxide content in the air is too high and the oxygen concentration is too low as a result, i.e. if there is a risk of suffocation, the Gasman sounds the alarm.

How does the alarm make itself felt?

The gas detector warns the wearer of a dangerous gas concentration with an insistent alarm tone, visual signals and additional vibration. It also shows the current gas reading on the display.

What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide - also known as carbon dioxide orCO2 - is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide in human breath when exhaled is about 4%. Larger amounts of carbon dioxide are produced during alcoholic fermentation in a brewery or whiskey distillery.

What makes carbon dioxide so dangerous?

Carbon dioxide is harmful to health in higher concentrations: drowsiness and headaches occur from a level of about 5%CO2 in the inhaled air. Prolonged inhalation of higher concentrations of about 8 % and more can lead to death. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and therefore accumulates at the bottom of a container or room.

When must the Gasman be worn?

As soon as work is necessary on our fermenting vats and this requires entering the washbacks (e.g. for cleaning purposes), our employee must be equipped with a gasman on his body to ensure his safety at all times.

Are there any other gas measuring devices?

Throughout the production area of St. Kilian Distillers, additional sensors are installed in the floor that constantly measure the concentration of carbon dioxide and immediately sound the alarm in case of an increased concentration. This not only ensures the protection of our employees, but also that of our numerous visitors.

How is carbon dioxide removed from our washbacks?

On the side of our wooden fermenting vats there are several connections with pipes that lead into a larger collecting pipe. Through this collection pipe and its slope, the carbon dioxide from the production building is discharged to the outside.

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