Whisky storage in ex-bunker


A report about the largest German whisky distillery and the people behind it

by Stefan Bügler on 31.07.2020 - written for "whisky-experts

Whisky is always very strongly connected to the people who produce it. Their ideas, their experiences shape its style just as much as the stills do.

But it's not just the people in the spotlight, such as the master blenders or the distillery managers - each of the employees, from the mash man to the person in charge of the warehouses, plays their part in making a distillery's whisky ideally something distinctive - or, if it's Visitor Centre staff, the visit there.

The guest author of Whisky-Experts, Stefan Bügler takes a look at the people behind the St. Kilian distillery in Lower Franconia in his article. His special look at the people who keep this distillery running with much joy and dedication shows them to be an important factor in the process.

Enjoy the reading:

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