The first peated whisky from St. Kilian

Signature Edition Three

The first peated whisky from St. Kilian

We show our smoky side!


The next whisky premiere in Rüdenau: With the first smoky whisky, we are pursuing our special passion - peated single malts based on the Scottish model. The new "Three" from the Signature Edition is completely in the tradition of classic peated malt whiskies: distilled with peated barley malt from Scotland and matured in the best American oak barrels. Our "Three" will be available from November 25.

"This is like a second whisky premiere," our St. Kilian's Master Distiller Mario Rudolf is delighted. "Every one of us here is burning for smoky whiskies - they should become a real trademark of St. Kilian and complement our mild, unpeated bottlings." The third single malt from the Signature Edition is an exciting start to St. Kilian's smoky whisky range.


American oak meets peated barley malt: Master Distiller Mario Rudolf and his team transferred the classic recipe for success of Scottish peated whiskies to the "Three" - and yet the new bottling has one or two surprises in store for St. Kilian. In this case: a finely tuned composition of malts and casks.

Like all St. Kilian whiskies, we traditionally distilled our "Three" twice in genuine Scottish pot stills. The star of the new bottling is the smoky Gesten malt from the Scottish Highlands. "For the whiskey, we combined unpeated Pilsner malt with strong smoked malt from Scotland," explains Mario Rudolf. "This mix creates a spicy, medium-strong smoky intensity to the whiskey, which, with a phenolic content of 38 ppm, still leaves room for improvement in terms of peat." Our fans have already been able to taste where the smoky distillate is headed with the "Spirit of St. Kilian" - the barrel-aged malt spirit on its way to becoming the first real whiskey.


The single malt whisky was allowed to mature in two types of casks from the USA: A large part of the new "Three" was stored for three years in 190-litre whiskey barrels from Tennessee, a smaller proportion in Texas quarter casks from the Texas craft distillery Garrison Brothers - for even more complexity. Master Distiller Mario Rudolf is particularly fond of these smaller 50-litre barrels: "We simply love the barrels from Garrison Brothers because they bring so much character to the spirit - especially vanilla, caramel and spicy accents.

The "Three" is a genuine peated malt whisky according to the classic model - smoky, tangy and fresh. It combines warm peat smoke with typical St. Kilian aromas of ripe pears and malt as well as spicy-sweet vanilla and caramel accents from the casks. A higher alcohol strength of 50 % vol. intensifies the complex flavours of the whisky: "100 Proof" for 100 percent enjoyment.


The Signature Edition "Three" is available from November 25 (0.5 liters in the pot-still bottle) in the St. Kilian online store as well as in specialized stores.

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