Single Malt Whisky Signature Edition Eleven

St. Kilian Distillers focuses on the unique reflux condenser with the Signature Edition ELEVEN

Rüdenau, October 2022
Each Signature Edition at St. Kilian Distillers has an individual character and always pays homage to a very special theme. "After focusing on special barrels or different malt blends, as was the case with the award-winning Signature Edition Ten, in this case we turned our attention to the reflux condenser in the Lyne Arm of our Spirit Still," explains Managing Director Philipp Trützler. This reflux condenser represents a unique technical finesse at St. Kilian. It describes a cooling coil that is installed in the slightly rising Lyne Arm, the connecting pipe from the Spirit Pot Still to the condenser. If cooling water flows through the reflux condenser, the rising vapors can be condensed before they reach the condenser itself, flow back into the still, and are thus redistilled. With the help of this additional cooler , the reflux, also known as reflux, can be precisely varied . "An extremely practical addition to our distillation equipment," Master Distiller Mario Rudolf is pleased to say, "because the reflux has a decisive influence on the spirit." By using the reflux condenser in different ways, it is possible to generate different characters in the New Make, which affect the smokiness, mouthfeel, and sweetness of the spirit, for example. A strong reflux, for example, produces a softer New Make, as used for the Signature Edition Eleven.

Label Signature Edition ELEVEN

Signature Edition ELEVEN

Although peat-smoked malt from Scotland was used at 54 ppm, the Signature Edition Eleven is only mildly smoky. "With maximum reflux, the New Make is rather less smoky and the remaining smoke is better integrated. This makes the spirit smoother, sweeter, more pleasing and already has a great mouthfeel. In this way, you get a wonderfully round single malt after just three years," Mario Rudolf states with satisfaction. For the Signature Edition Eleven, the casks took a back seat. Only 190-liter ex-Tennessee whiskey casks from Jack Daniel's were used, giving the single malt a creamy vanilla sweetness and spicy oak notes. Neither chill-filtered nor colored and provided with an optimal drinking strength of 46.2% vol., this three-year-old single malt whiskey presents itself with a mildly fruity sweetness of vanilla, fresh citrus notes and grilled apricots, garnished with a fine oak spiciness and rounded off with discreetly dry ash components - all perfectly wrapped in mild, warming peat smoke.

Front label Signature Edition ELEVEN

Sales start 15 October 2022

A total of 8,340 bottles with the iconic still shape were bottled from the Signature Edition Eleven. The retail price for consumers is € 49.90. The premiere of the new edition took place on Saturday, October 15, as part of the great online whiskey tasting live from the stillhouse of Germany's largest whiskey distillery. The Signature Edition Eleven is now available in the online store of St. Kilian Distillers as well as on site at the distillery and soon at selected retailers.

Tasting Notes: Signature Edition ELEVEN

Single Malt Whisky Signature Edition Eleven Front
Single Malt Whisky Signature Edition Eleven Front

Straw color

Mild peat smoke combines with a sweet melange of vanilla and roasted malt, refined with ripe banana, citrus aromas and juicy apricot fruit and complemented by subtly dry ash notes.

The mildly fruity sweetness of vanilla cream, fresh citrus notes, banana and grilled apricots is underpinned by pleasantly warming campfire smoke and spicy oak notes, garnished with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Long and wonderfully warming with malty sweetness, ashy notes and a hint of allspice as well as fine spicy smoke with a touch of grilled apricot.

Alcohol content:
46.2% vol.

€ 49,90 (0,5l)

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Germany's largest whiskey distillery, based in the Lower Franconian town of Rüdenau near Miltenberg am Main, produces top-class whiskey that has been awarded numerous gold medals at the most prestigious whiskey competitions around the globe. In addition, awards such as "Distillery of the Year" and "Whisky of the Year" also testify to the top international level at which the distillery, which was only founded in 2012 by investment banker Andreas Thümmler and is therefore still young, is now operating with its whiskies. St. Kilian Distillers supports the responsible use of alcohol, about which you can find out more at For more information on the company and portfolio, visit

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