Ambassadors Choice No 5 with Olli Fink

Ambassadors Choice with Olli Fink

St. Kilian Distillers releases limited Ambassador's Choice ex-rum bottling with brand ambassador Olli Fink

Rüdenau, August 2022
Olli Fink has already been working as a Brand Ambassador for St. Kilian Distillers since January 2019. As a native of Schleswig-Holstein, he presents the brand from Rüdenau in Lower Franconia mainly in the northern area of Germany and can also be found there at some trade fairs. So also on the whisky fair "Just Whisky Hamburg", which takes place on 26 and 27 August in the middle of the old inland port Hamburg-Harburg. For this occasion, his next Ambassador's Choice bottling will be released in limited edition. "My first private cask of St. Kilian was an ex-rum cask with a smoky recipe. Therefore, for this edition, I chose an ex rum barrel bottling with a mild distillate, as a complementary counterpart, so to speak," Olli Fink is pleased to say. From the extensive range of over 300 different types of casks that mature in former NATO munitions bunkers - the St. Kilian Bunker City - under perfect climatic conditions not far from the distillery, the brand ambassador selected two special single casks for this mild single malt bottling. Together with Master Distiller Mario Rudolf, the choice fell on two ex-rum casks from Madeira, which were blended together.

Olli Fink with Ambassadors Choice edited
Olli Fink with his bottling

Ambassador's Choice Mario Rudolf & Olli Fink

These oak barrels, each holding 300 liters, previously contained rum produced from molasses on the Isle of Flowers in the Atlantic Ocean before they were filled with mild New Make from St. Kilian in Rüdenau after being emptied on September 27, 2017. Mild distillate obtained from processing Pilsener malt as well as slightly darker Munich malt was used for this purpose. After emptying the two single casks on Aug. 16, 2022, they bottled a total of 1,380 bottles of this nearly five-year-old "Ambassador's Choice" edition with an alcohol content of 50.1% by volume - as always at St. Kilian Distillers without additional coloring or cold filtration - in the iconic 0.5-liter pot still bottle. "This mild single malt shines with a bouquet of tropical fruit, peach, coconut and vanilla. Wonderfully sweet and, in my eyes, dangerously drinkable," enthuses Olli Fink. "A mild bottling - exactly as I imagined it for the occasion," the brand ambassador sums up with satisfaction. This full-bodied Ambassador's Choice bottling is also available now on site at the distillery and in the St. Kilian Distillers online store.

Tasting Notes: Ambassador's Choice Mario Rudolf & Olli Fink

Ambassadors Choice with Olli Fink

Light Gold

Tropical aromas of pineapple, peach and juicy honeydew melon develop an exotic fruit bouquet with yellow plum and fine coconut shavings, enhanced by a touch of oak spice.

The creamy sweetness of honey, vanilla and soft toffee is perfectly surrounded by the tropical exoticism of ripe peaches, melon and a touch of pineapple and rounded off with fine oak spice.

Creamy-sweet jam of yellow plum and pineapple lingers pleasantly long with dark caramel and subtle dry oak notes.

Alcohol content:
50.1% vol.

€ 69,90 (0,5l)

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