Press release: Kiliani Edition - Gosbert

Kiliani Edition Gosbert

St. Kilian Distillers celebrates St. Kilian's name day with a limited edition white wine barrel-aged single malt

Rüdenau, July 2022
In honor of St. Kilian, the apostle of Franconia, who Christianized and left a lasting mark on the Franconian region, especially around Würzburg, St. Kilian Distillers presents the second edition of the limited Kiliani bottling. Kiliani is the name day of St. Kilian, which is celebrated on July 8. "As a Franconian distillery with the name St. Kilian, we have decided to release the Kiliani Edition annually on July 8 in honor of our namesake and patron saint," says a delighted Managing Director Philipp Trützler. With this, St. Kilian Distillers picks up the link to important personalities from the time of St. Kilian to create a whisky that pays annual tribute to the famous apostle of Franconia and patron saint of the region. "In doing so, the names of the Kiliani Edition reflect important people from the life of St. Kilian during his time in Franconia. Last year we had as our first edition Gailana, the wife of the then ruling Franconian Duke Gosbert, to whom the second edition is now dedicated," adds founder and owner Andreas Thümmler. Originally a devout pagan, Gosbert was converted to Christianity by St. Kilian. Selected white wine barrels provided the inspiration for this year's Kiliani Edition 2022 - GOSBERT.

Kiliani Edition Gosbert

Kiliani Edition 2022 - Gosbert

Made from 100% pure barley malt with a mild recipe, the limited special bottling matured for almost four years in fresh American white oak barrels that were previously filled with regional white wine of the Bacchus/Scheurebe variety. "The grape variety fits perfectly into our Franconian homeland and is one of the flagships of many winegrowers, especially around the wine region of Würzburg. This closes the circle with the Franconian Duke Gosbert, who ruled in Würzburg at the time of St. Kilian," comments Master Distiller Mario Rudolf. A handpicked selection of these high-quality wine casks gives the Kiliani Edition GOSBERT a rich, natural amber colour and an aroma of almost lavish fruitiness. Not cold-filtered and bottled at an optimal drinking strength of 46 % vol. in the iconic 0.5 litre pot-still bottle, this single malt whisky exudes a fruity bouquet of apricots and peaches, followed by sweet wine aromas that run through an indulgent layer of vanilla cream and juicy apricots, as well as leading into a long, dry-spicy finish with notes of oak and light grape skins.

Tasting Notes: Kiliani Edition 2022 - Gosbert


A fruity potpourri of ripe apricots and peaches complements sweet vanilla cream, fine almond notes and subtle mint in the background to create a beguiling aromatic experience.

The fruity start with lots of sweetness from juicy apricots and peaches, underpinned by bright wine aromas and rounded off with creamy vanilla, is perfectly surrounded by a subtly warming oak spice with a fine tannin structure.

Rich, long and pleasantly warming with wine aromas, spicy dry oak, fine tannins and a hint of white grape skins.

Alcohol content:
46 % vol

€ 59,90 (0,5l)

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