Amarone & Amore!

We present our new whisky Signature Edition "Two".

Fresh, fruity, full of character! Our second single malt whisky from the Signature Edition matured entirely in Italian Amarone red wine casks from the Valpolicella region. The special highlight? The storage in three different cask sizes - for a complex balance of intense fruit and fine spice.

Only in May we celebrated with our first single malt proud whiskey premiere. Now comes our second whisky. Also double distilled in genuine Scottish copper stills - and like all the whiskies in our Signature Edition, matured in a selection of excellent casks. "Our new summer bottling shows how creative experimentation and experience go hand in hand at St. Kilian - from the malt to the selection of casks," clarifies our Master Distiller Mario Rudolf. But what exactly distinguishes this whisky?

One barrel type, three sizes

Special feature one: the cask storage. Three different sizes of Amarone red wine casks are used in our "Two": just under two-thirds of the whisky was stored in 325-litre wine casks, a good third in 225-litre barrels and a small amount came from ex-Amarone casks holding only 50 litres. The reason? The complex interplay of light, fruity notes from the large barrels and spicier, more intense notes from the small casks. Our whisky matures considerably faster in them - they provide a fine, spicy top note.

Our "Two" is also particularly experimental when it comes to the "mashbill" - the malt recipe for distillation. For the first time, four different types of malt are used: Pilsner malt, Munich malt, Caramünch and melanoid malt. A variety of grains provide additional nuances of flavour.

The third special feature? The slightly higher alcohol content of our new bottling. "The strong 54.2 percent by volume proved to be just right to perfectly transport the fruity-complex aromas from the Amarone casks," says our Master Distiller Mario Rudolf. And they have it all!

Amarone provides aroma

Because our "Two" gets its extraordinary aroma profile primarily from full maturation in expressive Amarone barrels. What makes this wine variety so special? After the harvest, the grapes dry for several months, lose up to half their weight and develop a high sugar and flavour concentration. This makes Amarone one of the most sought-after wines in Italy - and gives this single malt whisky its fruity, creamy notes of fresh fruit.

The Signature Edition "Two" is now available in the St. Kilian online shop and in selected specialist shops.

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