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St. Kilian CREAM, 0.5l

Not smoky


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Treat yourself to something special with the tempting St. Kilian CREAM. Dive into the sweet pleasure and experience the full-bodied taste of cream candy, creamy toffee and delicate caramel. Enjoy the creamy cream liqueur pure, with ice cream or as an ingredient in delicious desserts. Thus, the St. Kilian CREAM rivals any dessert.

  • Cream liqueur
  • Bottled with 25% vol
  • Made on the basis of St. Kilian Single Malt Spirit - from 100% barley malt.
  • Double distilled - in original Scottish copper stills
  • In the matte black 0.5l St. Kilian pot-still bottle

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Milky coffee colors

Sweet notes of toffee, followed by creamy sweets and fine caramel

Creamy sweetness of creamy toffee and caramel notes.

Sweetness of caramel notes and cream candy

Store in a cool and dark place, swirl briefly or shake gently before consumption. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume within six months.

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