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Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (smoky) Mini, 0.05l



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Our Bud Spencer - Single Malt Whisky goes into the second round. For all tough guys and even tougher girls there is now the Bud Spencer Whisky smoky.
The popular composition of Italian Amarone red wine barrels and bourbon barrels from the USA is here again program. Our barley malt comes this time from the Scottish Highlands and is quite in the spirit of Bud Spencer strong smoky.

  • Bottled at 49% vol.
  • Single malt whisky - made from 100% pure barley malt and not chill-filtered & no colorants.
  • Double distilled - in original Scottish copper stills

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Light copper
Spicy and smoky aromas followed by fruity wine aromas
At the onset, a distinct sweetness that accompanies the dominant smoky aromas, light caramel notes followed by spice and a pleasant dryness.
Full-bodied, spicy smoky, long lasting

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