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Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (mild) Mini, 0.05l

Not smoky


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In his films, our hero Bud Spencer fights for law and justice around the world. Fearless and unconventional, he puts all scoundrels and criminals to sleep. He then likes to drink a whiskey or two. We think he has earned it

A long-cherished dream comes true: Master Distillers Mario Rudolf and David Hynes developed a blended whiskey with ex-Amarone barrel notes in the proven Bud Spencer style and St. Kilian quality, married with triple-distilled Irish whiskey from the stocks of the Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk.

  • Bottled at 46% vol.
  • Single malt whisky - made from 100% pure barley malt and not chill-filtered & no colorants.
  • Double distilled - in original Scottish copper stills

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Bright gold

Creamy vanilla, sweet honey and creamy toffee with a fruit bouquet of ripe peaches, red cherries and raspberries. Plus a touch of floral notes with fine oak spice and a pinch of white pepper.

Intense and warming with spicy oak aromas and toffee followed by creamy fruit jam of peaches and cherries. To this mild sweetness add soft notes of honey, sweet grapes and a touch of tannins.

Medium length with a creamy spicy melange of red fruit spread, honey and fine brittle, rounded off with some dry oak.

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