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Bud Spencer Whisky - The Legend - smoky

Our Bud Spencer - Single Malt Whisky goes into the second round. For all tough guys and even tougher girls there is now the Bud Spencer Whisky smoky.

The popular composition of Italian Amarone red wine barrels and bourbon barrels from the USA is also here again program. Our barley malt comes this time from the Scottish Highlands and is quite in the sense of Bud Spencer strongly peated.

Cheers - the fists are smoking!
Bud Spencer - the legend - smoky!

Bud Spencer - The Legend 3

Bud Spencer Whisky - The Legend

In his films, our hero Bud Spencer fights for law and justice around the world. Fearless and unconventional, he paralyzes all scoundrels and criminals. He likes to have a whisky or two. We think he's earned it.

At St. Kilian Distillers we create absolute premium whiskies for a global audience. For our "Bud Spencer - The Legend" we have combined noble bourbon casks from the USA with Italian Amarone red wine casks. Of course in proven St. Kilian "Made in Germany" top quality.

Cheers - we toast with you to
Bud Spencer - the legend

To the preserves:

Bud Spencer - The Legend 4

Natural colour & not cool filtered

Bud Spencer - The Legend 5

Twice distilled in our original Scottish pot still stills

Bud Spencer - The Legend 6

Aged for 3 years in noble ex-Amarone barrels and ex-Bourbon barrels.

Bud Spencer - The Legend 7

100% pure barley malt

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