Bud Spencer Whisky
Bud Spencer - The Legend 1

Bud Spencer Whisky - The Legend

In his films, our hero Bud Spencer fights for law and justice around the world. Fearless and unconventional, he paralyzes all scoundrels and criminals. He likes to have a whisky or two. We think he's earned it.

At St. Kilian Distillers we create absolute premium whiskies for a global audience. For our "Bud Spencer - The Legend" we have combined noble bourbon casks from the USA with Italian Amarone red wine casks. Of course in proven St. Kilian "Made in Germany" top quality.

Cheers - we toast with you to
Bud Spencer - the legend

To the preserves:

Bud Spencer - The Legend 2

Natural colour & not cool filtered

Bud Spencer - The Legend 3

Twice distilled in our original Scottish pot still stills

Bud Spencer - The Legend 4

Aged for 3 years in noble ex-Amarone barrels and ex-Bourbon barrels.

Bud Spencer - The Legend 5

100% pure barley malt

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