Bottling - handwork!


Bottling - handwork!

News from Master Distiller Mario Rudolf - 15 July 2020

At St. Kilian, the bottling of the matured single malt is completely manual work and absolute teamwork , as you can experience very well in this article. Mario Rudolf presents this here using the example of the whisky from the Signature Edition - the "THREE" - which has won several GOLD awards.

Hand in hand and teamwork

First, the new glass bottles are filled on our four-digit vacuum filler. Each bottle is first inspected and checked for integrity and cleanliness. After filling, fill level measurements are taken at random. Everything is precisely recorded during this process and then measured with a calibrated volumetric flask.

Then the corks are pressed in. This step is done with a small pneumatic apparatus and we are very happy about this support! Anyone who has ever sealed 10,000 corks by hand will appreciate this relief.

What does tamper-evident closure actually mean?

The sealed bottles are then loaded onto a conveyor belt and the shrink capsules are automatically placed on top. They are then shrunk in a shrink tunnel with the help of a hot air dryer. During this process, the shrink capsule is completely applied to the cork and the mouth of the bottle. It is important that the tear-off edge fits exactly. The whole thing is then called a "tamper-evident closure" .

Then the belly and back labels are applied by hand. These are self-adhesive labels. We have small stainless steel holders for this, so that the bottles can be inserted at a certain angle. The correct fit of the label is absolutely important. The cam in the bottom of the bottle provides the centre for this process.

At the end, all bottles are carefully checked again with "hand and eye" and packed in a gift box of 6 or 12 bottles each.

Heart and soul and handiwork at St. Kilian's

And then the bottle goes on its journey to all connoisseurs to give you all an incomparable taste experience. Produced by hand and with a lot of heart and soul and awarded several times!

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