Single Malt Whisky
Made in Germany

St. Kilian Distillers is a German single malt whisky distillery based on the Scottish model.
Here, pure barley malt meets real pot still stills - and decades of whisky know-how meets German engineering.

signature edition

Each single malt whisky in our Signature Edition bears its own signature from selected casks.
Each batch tastes different - and has its own individual character.

Whisky 1
Whisky 2

"One" - the first whisky of our Signature Edition is a fruity-sweet single malt with notes of tropical fruits and vanilla, matured in an individual composition of excellent casks.

Whisky 3
Whisky 4

Fresh, fruity, strong character: "Two" is the second single malt whisky from our Signature Edition - matured in Amarone red wine casks. A whisky with an Italian soul.

Whisky 5
Whisky 6

Smoky, sparkling, fresh: Our "Three" is the prelude to the smoky whiskies of St. Kilian. Inspired by classic peated malts, it matured in Tennessee whiskey barrels and Quarter Casks.

Whisky 7
Whisky 8

Surprisingly intense, spicy and smoky: with a phenol content of 54 ppm in the malt, the "Four" is not only the smokiest to date, but also the most aromatic and powerful bottling of St. Kilian due to its full maturation in sherry barrels.

Handfilled and strictly limited.

From the exEisbock barrel to the Japanese Mizunara oak: The joy of experimentation has been an integral part of St. Kilian DNA since its foundation.
St. Kilian fans are always the first to enjoy our strictly limited special bottlings with a newsletter subscription.

Whisky 9

For our single malt we bring the best together: Irish-Scottish whisky know-how, Franconian brewing expertise and engineering art made in Germany.

Whisky 10

We make our whisky from 100% barley malt - from Germany and the Scottish Highlands.

Whisky 11

Original St. Kilian means: Burned in genuine Scottish pot stills made of copper. Made by the traditional company Forsyth, loved for especially good single malt.

Whisky 12

We mature our whisky in over 90 different types of casks from all over the world - and always bottle it with natural colour and not cool-filtered.

Private Cask

Your own whiskey cask? We're making that dream come true. Your very own private whisky
- matured in the cask of your choice, bottled in our unique pot still bottles.