Whisky Sour Recipe

From the St. Kilian "classic whisky cocktails" series

How do you make whisky sours?

You want to prepare the absolute classic of the whisky scene? Here we show you how to prepare a whisky sour . The St. Kilian variant as well as the Classic preparation according to C. Schumann.

You need the following ingredients for the St. Kilian variant "White Dog Sour":

  • 5 cl St. Kilian White Dog (drinking strength)
  • 2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 cl cane sugar syrup
  • 1 cl fresh egg white

Preparation of the White Dog Sours:

Put all the ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously.

Then strain the contents through a cocktail strainer into a tumbler over fresh ice and garnish the drink with fresh lime zest .

Do you know a bar that doesn't have a whiskey sour on its menu? We haven't come across one yet. It belongs in a bar like the bar or the ice cream. And if it's not on the menu, there's no bartender who can't prepare it.

Show us your whisky sours!

Because it is simply present in every bar and yet is prepared a little differently everywhere, the whiskey sour says a lot about a bar's own standards and definition. Is it elaborately mixed with a nice egg white foam and a high-quality bourbon or even single malt whisky, or is the simple mix of standard bourbon, lime and sugar enough? All these points make the Whisky Sour the ideal reference drink.

But this inevitably leads us to the question:

What is the perfect whisky sour?

The best way to do this is to look into the cocktail's past to see how the drink got its start. Because its forefather is probably one of the most famous bartenders of all time. Jerry Thomas. The author of the most famous and original bar manual, he originally came to California in the 19th century as a prospector before deciding that the arduous search for gold was not for him and so swapped mine for bar. It was he who coined the term sour cocktail. But first with a brandy sour.

A creation of the whisky cocktail came a little closer to today's icon. Here he combined gomme syrup, bitters, whiskey and lemon. The whole thing was prepared in a shaker and then served straight up - without ice. Probably one of the first forms of the whiskey sour.

The whisky SOur: an icon through the ages

The end of the 19th century is also known as the golden age of cocktails . The most diverse variations of the whisky sour emerge.

The author William Schmidt describes his preparation in his book "Beach Flowing Bowl" with half a lime or lemon, straight up and some sugar dissolved in seltzer water. In Louis Muckensturm 's book "Louis mixed Drinks", he prepares the whiskey sour with half a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar and rye whiskey. Recipes with soda water or even without the addition of sugar also found their connoisseurs at this time.

"Today, the whisky sour has established itself as a real classic."

We have taken how this is prepared from the book by the German bar pope Charles Schuhmann:

WHISKY SOUR (after C. Schuhmann, American Bar, 1991)

You need for the preparation:

  • 4 cl bourbon whiskey
  • 2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 bar spoon icing sugar
  • 1 c cane sugar syrup

The whole thing is shaken vigorously with ice cubes and then strained into a tumbler. Schuhmann uses a stem cherry as decoration.

But of course we have our very own variation of the whiskey sour. But our variation should not yet be called whiskey.