St. Kilian launches "Bud Spencer Whisky

Bud Spencer announcement

St. Kilian Distillers has secured the licence for the single malt "Bud Spencer - The Legend".

Which star goes with whisky?

George Clooney, Heidi Klum or Bruce Lee? Which star could accompany the launch of our first pre-core standard product? A good question and not an easy decision. But we at St. Kilian Distillers had a brilliant idea! There can only be one who is an ideal match for the whisky brand: Everyone knows and loves it. He's got "oomph" and does justice. He likes to drink whisky and prefers a good single malt. He's been around a lot in his films and like a good whisky, it lasts forever and becomes quasi-immortal . He is funny, has power and is a true hero. He is a legend:

Bud Spencer mild label
Bud Spencer "in action" - known all over the world

In his films, our hero Bud Spencer fights for law and justice around the world. Fearless and unconventional, he puts all scoundrels and criminals out of action. He then likes to drink a whisky or two. We think he's earned it.

By the way: Did you know that Carlo Pedersoli (better known as Bud Spencer) comes from Italy, had a German nanny and played in numerous Italian-American western films? Even though he is no longer with us, he has become immortal through his films and is still omnipresent today!

Successful licensing cooperation with BSL

Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL), a business division of Bavaria Media GmbH, was commissioned by the rights holder Plattfuss Vertriebs GmbH to expand the product world around Bud Spencer and Terence Hill with licensing cooperations and corresponding licensed products throughout Europe. BSL brokered this licensing cooperation for the "Bud Spencer" brand and St. Kilian Distillers GmbH.

Ivica Maracic, Licensing & Sales Director Bavaria Sonor Licensing: "Bud Spencer and whisky are simply the perfect brand and product fit. A western without whisky in the saloon would be like Bud Spencer without pithy and diaphragm-straining sayings. We are very pleased that we were able to win St. Kilian Distillers, a multi-award-winning Bavarian distillery, for Bud Spencer!"

Sales start on November 16, 2020

At St. Kilian Distillers, we create absolute premium whiskies for a global audience. For our "Bud Spencer - The Legend" we have combined noble bourbon barrels from the USA with Italian Amarone red wine barrel notes . Of course, in proven St. Kilian "Made in Germany" top quality. Cheers!! We toast with you to Bud Spencer - the Legend!

Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (Mild)
Bud Spencer - The Legend - Whisky (Mild)

Whisky product information

Made from 100% pure barley malt, the Bud Spencer whisky matured for over 3 years in Amarone barrels and ex-Bourbon barrels. The casks are divided into 15% Amarone casks and 85% bourbon casks. It was distilled twice in original Scottish pot stills.

The Tasting Notes of the Bud Spencer Whisky:

Colour: light copper

Nose: wine aromas and a slight spiciness

Taste: sweet fruits, delicate vanilla and honey notes followed by complex herbal notes.

Aftertaste: slightly dry, long-lasting, pronounced vanilla, some spice

The Bud Spencer Whisky is bottled in a 0.7 litre bottle with a high-quality, beefy look and a real wooden cork closure. Its alcohol strength is 46 % vol.

The retail price for end consumers will be €34.90 . Available from 16.11.20 at selected retailers and online.

About Bavaria Sonor Licensing

Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL) is a division of Bavaria Media GmbH, a subsidiary of Bavaria Film GmbH. BSL represents brands such as "PLAYMOBIL", "Masha and the Bear", "Lucky Bears", "Moomin", "Panini", "Janosch", "emoji®", as well as "Bud Spencer" and "Terence Hill". Last year, Bavaria Sonor Licensing was named "Licensor/Licensing Agency of the Year 2019" at the Licensing International Awards.

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