Washback preparation

Washback preparation 1


The washbacks were processed and a look back at the production 2021

Online Whisky Tasting - Icons and Heroes

Online Whisky Tasting - Ikonen und helden 2

Together with Grave Digger guitarist Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt, owner Andi Thümmler and Master Distiller Mario Rudolf, the new Terence Hill - Whisky and the new Metal Edition by grave Digger were presented.

Amarone barrels from Italy

Amarone barrels from Italy 8

We visited our good friends at the Lenotti Winery on Lake Garda. The winery always supplies us with first-class ex-Amarone barrels
Read here for more information

Online Whisky Tasting

Online Whisky Tasting 10

Great success: Online Whisky Tasting on German Whisky Day

Experience the tasting and our bottlings at any time.

Whisky as an investment

Whisky barrel wall

Find out here: How good is whisky as an investment and where can I invest in my own whisky cask?

How is whisky stored?

Barrel storage of whisky at St. Kilian's

Learn all about our whisky storage here, for example: Why is cask ageing so important?

Bud Spencer and Whisky

Bud Spencer Award Lyon

In his article, blogger and whisky connoisseur Hagen Metzler writes about his trip to Naples, the hometown of Carlo Pedersoli alias Bud Spencer, and spans all the way to Rüdenau to St. Kilian, Germany's largest whisky distillery.

Gq via st Kilian

Mario Rudolf Barrels Courtyard

In the current issue of GQ magazine, author Mathias Ottmann presents the whisky regions of the world outside Scotland. A little whisky world tour.