The largest whisky distillery
in Germany

We at St. Kilian know: Good whisky needs more than just real equipment.
It needs people who are a little crazy, passionate and willing to experiment. Just like us.

About ST. Kilian Distillers

Excellent barrels, the best barley malt, genuine Scottish equipment - all important. But St. Kilian lives above all through its team, creative entrepreneurial spirit and absolute dedication to excellent spirits.

Whisky from Germany: Our Story

Two whisky connoisseurs, one idea. A village of 760 souls, Germany's largest whisky distillery.
How St. Kilian Distillers became what we are today.

How is a whisky distillery created?

Andreas Thümmler in front of whisky barrels

With courage, passion, a lot of patience - and in our case a good friendship between St. Kilian founder Andreas Thümmler (photo) and the Irish Master(-Mind) Distiller David F. Hynes.

Where did the distillery originate?

Distillery 1

St. Kilian is at home in the village of Rüdenau, on the edge of the Odenwald. In 2011, a former textile factory was put up for sale among green fir trees and meadows - ideally suited for a distillery. So: full heart and soul for the St. Kilian idea!

The structure of our

Distillery 2

The heart of St. Kilian? Our stills. Genuine Scottish, genuine copper, genuine craftsmanship. Forsyths has been making pot stills since 1890 - using the same method.
After two years, we welcomed the two 6,000-litre boilers.

The building of St. Kilian

Distillery 3

It was worth the wait! We converted the factory site into a distillery marvel. Elaborate, exhausting, challenging: but we wouldn't want to miss a single moment of these four and a half years.

The first St. Kilian whisky

Distillery 4

On St. Patrick's Day 2016 we filled our first spirit into the barrels - is there a better omen? The first results from Master Distiller Mario Rudolf just make us happy. And 2020? We're really taking off!

Handfilled and strictly limited.

From ex-icebuck barrels to Japanese Mizunara oak: Experimentation has been an integral part of St. Kilian's DNA since its inception.
With a newsletter subscription, St. Kilian fans are always the first to enjoy our strictly limited special bottlings.

Whisky production at st. Kilian

Behind our whisky is an enthusiastic team - and admittedly quite a lot of work.
Because when it comes to making whisky, we combine tradition with state-of-the-art technology.
This is how our St. Kilian whisky is created.


Distillery 5

100% barley malt: It's where it all begins. For our smoky whiskies, we rely on malt from Scotland - for mild recipes, we swear by barley from local cultivation. We grind it on site into grist, or malt flour. The basis for our whisky.


Distillery 6

For the grist, the journey continues: into a hot water bath. The sugar dissolves in our 12,000-litre mash tun. And that's what we call: Mashing. By the way, the remaining solids of the grain - the spent grains - are perfect feed for cows in a good mood.


Distillery 7

It's fermenting at St. Kilian: our Oregon pine washbacks hold 10,800 litres - with the active help of Scottish yeast cultures, alcohol is formed in the sugar solution. The yeast works for up to four days - the result is a kind of beer that we call "wash".


Distillery 8

Enter stills! They separate the alcohol from the remaining water. We traditionally distil our whisky twice in the copper pot stills. The slender neck of the copper stills makes our whisky particularly smooth.


Distillery 9

Off to the cask - and with exactly 63.5 percent alcohol by volume. Our distillate matures into real whisky in one of more than 90 different barrels from all over the world. Or: You can enjoy our pure, fruity distillate as a white dog.


Distillery 10

Variety is what makes St. Kilian unique: we create it for you during blending. That means: tasting samples of our whisky and skilfully combining the different cask maturations. #favouritejob


Distillery 11

The most important thing comes at the end: (shared) enjoyment! Our most important drive - every day.